DarkSky West Marin to Celebrate International DarkSky Week April 2-8, 2024!

DarkSky West Marin is a community-led initiative dedicated to preserving the night sky in this environmentally rich and uniquely biodiverse region, and is formed by West Marin citizens working closely with County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, the Point Reyes Station Village Association & the Point Reyes National Seashore.

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Don't miss Eve Lu's Stunning Documentary!

Sky Preservation Work

Each month, in concert with the Point Reyes National Seashore, DarkSky West Marin, and the Point Reyes Station Village Association, a benefit stargazing event is presented just before each new moon. The event supports the preservation of the coastal nightscape. Sky preservation work includes efforts for all of West Marin to:

  • help property/business owners or managers lessen light pollution and trespass
  • qualify this area as a DarkSky International Place
  • update Marin County Lighting regulations

Monthly Stargazing Events

Listen to Don Jolley’s April 19 Inspirational Speech Here:

Join astronomy teacher and storyteller extraordinaire Don Jolley just before each new moon to learn the names of planets, stars, and constellations and listen to spellbinding stories about billions and billions of celestial bodies. Keep an eye on the right side of this page for announcements about the upcoming stargazings, and Don’s weather reports. Mark your calendar!


  • Podcast about DSWM – Vanessa Lowe
    Great time to listen to this podcast about the creation of Dark Sky West Marin Project, featuring interviews with many of the original founders: Notalgia, by Vanessa Lowe. Vanessa Lowe is an independent podcast producer who created an exploration of night and darkness titled “Nocturne” in 2014. Her stories were distributed by KCRW from 2018 through 2020 and … Read more

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