Draft: Dark Sky Maps

What’s a Reserve?

DarkSky International (DSI) certifies areas as dark sky places.

A Dark Sky Community is a city, town, or unincorporated area “with quality outdoor lighting ordinances that educate residents about the importance of dark skies“

A Dark Sky Park includes “publicly or privately owned conservation areas that implement good outdoor lighting and provide dark sky programs”

A Dark Sky Reserve is a land possessing the exceptional quality of starry nights that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, or cultural value. ”See a list of Dark Sky Reserves here and check out the Central Idaho (U.S.) reserve.

At present, DarkSky West Marin is preparing to apply as a DarkSky Community, and Point Reyes National Seashore is preparing to apply as a DarkSky Park.

Proposed DarkSky Community application in apricot. Proposed DarkSky Park in tan.

Proposed DarkSky Community application in Apricot. Proposed DarkSky Park in Tan.

Dark Sky West Marin hopes to become part of a DarkSky Reserve someday. A reserve comprises two areas, the “core” and the “periphery.”

“The core of the proposed IDSR must be a public or private land protected for scientific,
natural, educational, cultural, heritage, and/or public enjoyment.”

“The proposed peripheral zone boundary must be singular, contiguous, and completely
enclose the core zone. It may take any shape and may follow logical or
natural geographic features.”

Proposed Dark Sky region for Point Reyes: