Lighting Ordinance


In May of 2021, the Point Reyes Station Village Association submitted a suggested draft lighting ordinance to Marin County. The ordinance would be Marin’s first county lighting ordinance, covering unincorporated West Marin.

  • Shield lights
  • Restrict illumination levels
  • Encourage yellow lighting, not blue
  • Establish lighting zones (including Dark Sky Zones)
  • Limit  outdoor lighting
  • Limit sports arena lighting
  • Restrict illuminated signs
  • Provide for enforcement
  • Allow 10 years to fully comply

We urge you to contact each of the five county supervisors to express your support of a light-pollution ordinance. Please include your name and address and your reasons for supporting the ordinance. If you’re inspired, please add a short description of why you believe in preserving the night skyscape.

To contact all 5 supervisors simultaneously:

Email [email protected]

To write individual emails:

District 1 – Mary Sackett Email Mary Sackett

District 2 – Katie Rice Email Supervisor Rice

District 3 – Stephanie Moulton-Peters Email Supervisor Moulton-Peters

District 4 – Dennis Rodoni Email Supervisor Rodoni

District 5 – Eric Lucan Email Supervisor Lucan

Light pollution is the only pollution that

can be fixed with the flick of a switch.