Lighting improvements

Dark Sky Point Reyes addressed intrusive lighting coming from both the local school and the fire/sheriff buildings. With the supportive cooperation of officials on both sites, light pollution and trespass will be greatly reduced. Authorities plan to remodel the fire station and are including members of the village association’s lighting committee during the planning process.

Lights on the gym as they appeared last year, photographed from one mile away. This photograph also demonstrates the amount of light and sky glow that can emanate from a small town with only 217 homes.

Dark Sky Point Reyes volunteers met with local school and fire /sheriff officials to discuss concerns local villagers placed about intrusive lights keeping them awake at night. One complaint came from Inverness Park, a mile away.

School officials placed shields intended to direct light only where it’s needed in May of 2022.

BEFORE: Gym light at West Marin School in Point Reyes Station – light casting straight forward as well as downward. The forward light keeps neighbors away 1 mile away from the school.
AFTER: After meeting with DSPR, officials at West Marin School in Point Reyes Station installed shields to convert the outdoor gymnasium lights to Dark Sky-friendly lights.

Although shielding squelched the major lighting problem, smaller LED
lights continue to shine into neighbors’ houses. Dark Sky Point Reyes will
continue its advocacy.

We are grateful the enthusiastic support from officials at both sites.