Stargazing info

Each month, on the first clear night in the week before the new moon, stargazers gather with Don Jolley in the Giacomini Wetlands & listen to his spellbinding stories about billions and billions of celestial bodies. Park at 3rd and C Streets and follow the candles to the spot.

No pre-registration needed. Follow Don’s Weather Reports at for frequent announcements of exact dates. Please bring the exact amount to the event. The requested donation is 10 or 20 dollars.

“Window of opportunity” = when the sky is the darkest to conduct naked-eye stargazing.

  • Date: Exact date is always determined by the fog
  • Time: About an hour after sundown & announced each month in Don’s weather reports.
  • Place: Giacomini Wetlands (3rd & C Sts); follow little lamps along the path to the barn.
  • Donation: $10-$20, nondeductible donation. Please bring exact change to the event.

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes
  • Chair, blanket, sleeping roll, or sleeping bag
  • Printout of night sky map with names on it – found in Don’s announcements on front page
  • Flashlight prepared as in instructions below or red lamp
  • Your curiosity
Don Jolley with Stargazers © Karl Mondon

Flashlight preparation: A headlamp or flashlight with a red bulb option will work just fine. To modify an ordinary flashlight, cover the flashlight’s lens with masking tape, and color the tape with a red marker. It may take a few layers to get the light to quiet down. You’ll want enough light to read your star chart in the dark, but not so much that it blinds your vision of the stars.

Presented in concert with Point Reyes National Seashore & Point Reyes Station Village Association

Please watch for Don’s updates on the home page and come on down. We’ll be so happy to see you there!