Letters of Support for Dark Sky Ordinance

Letters of support for Dark Sky ordinance from villages in unincorporated Marin:

San Geronimo Valley Planning Group
East Shore Planning Group
Inverness Association
Inverness Park Association
Olema Valley Association
Point Reyes Station Village Association
Bolinas Community Public Utility District

Awaiting more information before making a decision:
Dillon Beach Association

Other Support letters:
West Marin Rotary

The ordinance would be Marin’s first county lighting ordinance governing unincorporated West Marin. Members of the PRSVA’s lighting committee continue to meet with county, national park, and International Dark Sky Association representatives shepherding the application process along.

Features of lighting ordinance:

  • Shield lights/Downward cast
  • Restrict illumination levels
  • Encourage yellow lighting, not blue
  • Establish lighting zones (including Dark Sky Zones)
  • Limit  outdoor lighting
  • Limit sports arena lighting
  • Restrict illuminated signs
  • Provide for enforcement
  • Allow 10 years to fully comply

Ways to help:

Point Reyes Lighthouse Starry Night Photography courtesy of Rachid Dahnoun