Newest US Dark Sky Sanctuary is in Montana

The Lost Trail National Wildlife Reserve was named an International Dark Sky Refuge on October 31, 2022. “As an International Dark Sky Sanctuary, Lost Trail provides a unique and special opportunity for visitors to experience a pristine dark and quiet environment with minimal influences from humankind,” stated Ashley Wilson, IDA’s Director of Conservation. “Refuge staff, … Read more

Marsha Kirschbaum, night sky photographer

In working on the Dark Sky initiative, we’ve become accustomed to meeting so many enthusiastic supporters. Recently, Supervisor Dennis Rodoni’s staff forwarded a letter from dark sky photographer Marsha Kirschbaum. “I … saw where West Marin is supporting a dark sky preserve. I am ecstatic about this. Though I do not live in Marin County, … Read more

Don Jolley’s August Starchart

Don made a few changes to the August starchart we distributed last month. Please grab the new version of “Don Jolley’s Star Guide for August” – charts as usual, but here with a complete commentary for the month. It can be downloaded for folks to use on their own. … Already started on a guide … Read more

Nightlight increases cardiovascular risk in seniors.

July 12, 2022 A story about the harmful health effects of nighttime light on senior citizens arrived in my feed today, a day after seeing my cardiologist for my post-heart attack visit. I thought I’d share it because of its significant implications for townspeople who suffer from external light trespass shining through windows and eyelids … Read more