DarkSky Week, Wednesday Update

April 3, 2024

Dark Sky Week is only 2 days old, and everything is looking up! Laura Arndt and Don Jolley started on Monday, a day early, with this month’s stargazing trek. On Tuesday, Laura & Dan Smiley took turns tabling in front of the Point Reyes Post office, offering Dark Sky information and engaging in conversations with passersby. The amazing Laura did double duty by offering information about the local appeal to prevent the town’s lone gas station from converting that corner of town into something our town is not.

Despite the enveloping fog, Laura, Kay McMahon, Dan, & Don’s Telescope Night became a marvelous gathering place for astronomy buffs and concluded with Don and Dan offering thoroughly captivating talks. Lisa Doran at the Bookstore arranged an amazing window display and is featuring Dark Sky books, Amanda Eichstaedt at the radio station is featuring DarkSky all week, Tess Elliott at the Light is squeezing DS into this week’s calendar, Marty Knapp created and distributed beautiful posters & snapshots of our banner, Oscar, Melissa, & Chris at Toby’s hustled to get our banner up on the barn!

Thank you to the behind-the-scenes volunteers who are making this week happen! We are off to a GREAT start! Word is spreading, and people want to jump onto this train—I mean, Starship! Our list of supporters grew, and Joe’s second Owl Walk is sold out. The momentum continues!!