Podcast about DSWM – Vanessa Lowe

Great time to listen to this podcast about the creation of Dark Sky West Marin Project, featuring interviews with many of the original founders: Notalgia, by Vanessa Lowe.

Vanessa Lowe

Vanessa Lowe is an independent podcast producer who created an exploration of night and darkness titled “Nocturne” in 2014. Her stories were distributed by KCRW from 2018 through 2020 and went indie again in November 2020. Nocturne has been featured in the New Yorker, and episodes have been featured multiple times on terrestrial radio shows such as KCRW’s UnFictional; KALW’s The Spot and CrosscurrentsCBC/Radio-Canada’s Podcast Playlist; and Radio New Zealand’s The Podcast Hour.  In 2019 Vanessa performed a live Nocturne show, entitled Listening to the Night, at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Find more information and see original episode art at nocturnepodcast.org .

Nocturne Podcast